Mountains and Clouds

Whoops I

I wanted to fly a little.
Flow deep into the winter wonderland they said, Its almost as if your versatile soaring!.

One, two, three, let it go. Floors and doors and ghosts in the smoke.
I catch a fire fly in my hand, I open it up as it turns into sand
The sand spreads out before the sea, the sea I see reflects at me,
I swim, one stroke at a time, I watch as the stair case slowly unwinds,
I walk up it slow, cautious at first. What could it be that this winding stair case is trying to converse?
To me?
Yes you, your the only one around, feeling your fore head, your sweat drips to the ground.

You remember that laughter bursts at the seams,
You cultivate the moments that make you obscene.
The light pours in around your heart, I thank the gods for blessing my parts.
The parts of me that go so deep, I step off the stair case and into the heap.
There I stand, not all alone but with strangers, children both small and grown.
The gift I feel is that of life, I follow the stepping stones into the night.

The night falls down my eyes turn green Could it be that I have taken a wrong turn from what I have seen?

The road looks rough, and that of clouds.
I try to cry, to shake the mounds.
The mounds that now stand in front of me, the mounds that are now keeping me from being free,
I toss and I turn begging for ways out , the light it seems has some what gone out,
I crave the brain of one not fogged.
Soon youll be normal, they now say, Your brains just a little bit smoked.

I try to believe them, but I need to escape, I plan strategies that make my head ache.

Wait it out! I scream inside of my head.
Your stronger than this, Is what I should have said.

I start to loose it, my skin gets lost,
I see the fairies, but now at a cost.
Their teeth grinning sharp, I know theyre not mean, I know that my eyes arent perceiving them clean.

But mind over matter or matter over mind,
Theyre lost in a world that is no longer mine.

I stop. I breathe. I see the light, I see a way out of defining this sight!

It starts to dye down, I slowly start to find my way back,
I exit the shore that first led to attack.
I follow the path back to where I once was, my mind just a blister in the sun.

This girl on her path, so blatantly lit, crossing those bridges that you must not resist,
Careful and slowly she grew her wings tall, and now never looks back when she starts to soar.

I awaken now, not whole but light, I now see the sparks that always ignite,
And in those sparks such a heavenly site.

Now I will dream so fondly of them, like a peacock dreams calmly in REM.

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