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Grenada Sunset

The Wholesome Granada

A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the roof top of my hostel in Granada, Spain, with a bunch of new friends that, for the past week, have become like family to me. There was about 10 of us up there; Germans, New Zealanders, Lithuanians, Americans etc

We were crowded around the small terrace, huddled under blankets and keeping close for extra warmth. One guitar getting passed around as we sung the classics and listened to those who, so musically talented, could bring tears to your eyes from their own words they have turned into music.
I looked around at my surroundings. I saw one of my closest friends from Australia sitting beside me, I saw my new tightly knit family smiling, singing, some with their eyes open, some with their eyes closed.

To me, this was a perfect moment of clarity. I felt humble, whole, loved and enlightened. You could feel the connection pulsating from one soul to the next, nothing needed to be said about it, it was just so.

Last night me and 3 friends, new and old, decided to indulge ourselves in some afternoon tapas.

We set out from our hostel to the lively late Saturday afternoon streets of Granada in search for some cheap, delicious food.

After finding a small pub with vegetarian options we sat down, ordered sangria and started chatting.

Nora, one of the first girls I met in Granada started talking about how perfect the night on the roof was.

From this we started talking about the love we have come across in our travels, and how Granada has over and over again, given us so many of these moments filled with so much love and beauty.

Happiest little Vegemite in Granada.

Nora told us one of her favorite moments in Granada. She was at a party at her friends house. She walked into the kitchen and saw two of her friends. One cupping the others hands, looking at each other with so much adoration, and speaking words pure to each other. This moment, for Nora, was another one of those that fills you to the bring with an overwhelming abundance of gratitude.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling a somewhat deranged. I realized that it was my last night in Granada. I was planning to hitch hike to Valencia, a city north from here. Valencia was to be my pit stop to Barcelona, a way to shorten the road between Granada and Barcelona.

For the first time in a long time I felt truly heart-broken to have to leave a place that I have fallen head over heels for.

As the day went on I found myself conjuring up illusive ideas in my head of how to stay in Granada longer.

My emotions were running along side a roller coaster, I thought it would be best to write it out. I pulled out my journal and as I unwrapped the leather string that ties my journal shut, a tiny piece of paper that I thought I had lost a few weeks back fell out.

It was a fortune I had received from a fortune cookie. Not only was this the only fortune cookie I have ever received that has had any kind of significant meaning to me, but it is one that came to me through a very special person. A boy I met in San Francisco, who I of course have written about in my past posts, and who I will forever remember.

I remember cracking open the cookie and pulling out the note, looking at Steven as he asked me to read it aloud.

As the words left my mouth I felt the connection that drove me to him, to San Francisco, and to my own being. I felt clarity.

The cookie reads; You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult situations.
The truth in this fortune is accurate, and having this fall into my lap last night I was reminded that with each difficult situation, a good bye, running out of money, a disagreement or whatever it may be, it is no situation that you cant overcome.

I was reminded to live in the now, and everything else will follow.

Now, obviously, these moments come to those not only who travel, but to all. No matter how small it is, you can see something, feel something, and for a minute or two, you feel nothing but complete and utter content, happiness.

One moment of clarity, enlightenment, spiritual connection, or whatever you would like to call it, can give you so much. It can change the course of your life.

So don’t let them fall at the waist side. When they are happening, stay conscious, take it in, and appreciate the wonderful world around you.

As for me, I think Ill stick around Granada a little while longer.


The Dos and Donts of Hitchhiking

Traveling through this crazy world I have set up camp on many a road to broaden my horizon to my next destination. But as an anonymous source once quoted, Life is a journey, not a destination. I certainly agree with this quote, as much as each destination you visit is a part of your journey, the journey in itself will influence you in extraordinary ways.

Getting from one place to another can be trying, it can test your limits and make you border on insanity. We have all had those flights we have missed due to turning up to the wrong airport, or having your boarding gate close 5 minutes prior to your arrival. We have all had those rookie bus tricks with mental drivers, or a ferry ride in rough conditions, or a road trip gone horribly wrong and finding yourself 2 hours out from the road your meant to be following.

These things make your stronger, you want to cry at the time, your frustration has been put to the absolute limit and you question why you left your comfort zone in the first place, but fast forward to how ever long later when you are reunited with your family in your home town, or lazing on a beach in the tropics, and it all becomes clear, that no matter what stress you are put through getting there or getting home, its worth it.

Hitch hiking has been my primary mode of transport the past 6 months. I have stood in the sweltering heat in the middle of summer in Arizona with my thumb out, sweating and thirsty wondering what the hell I am doing by myself, in quite literally the middle of nowhere. From one extreme to the next, I have stood on the side of a ride in Holland, with a native, in December, trying to hitch a ride before the snow starts to set in. It has tested me, but I have gained so much from these experiences.

If you choose to hitch hike, there is a couple of courtesy tips you should know, some Dos and Donts. Here are some that I travel by when hitching cross countries.

Do  Take water and snacks. There is nothing worse then waking up at 5AM, heading out onto the highway where you are surrounded by nothing but concrete and cars, and realizing that as well as not having had any breakfast, you have left your water and snacks at home. You never know how long you are going to be on the road for, or in a car for. Snacks and water especially, is a MUST. Dont catch yourself out in the heat with no water on you. My go to hitching snacks include; multiple apples and bananas, muesli bars, nuts and cans of chickpeas.

Dont  Dress promiscuously. OK, this one if mainly for the ladies. Putting yourself out on an open road is already a bit of a risk, minimize your risk by dressing accordingly. Its better to be picked up covered as opposed to picked up wearing a short skirt thats blowing in the wind, and a shirt that shows more of your chest than the fabric itself. I understand if its the middle of summer and you dont want to wear jeans or leggings out in the heat, so just put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and above all, dress comfortably.

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Do  Know where your going. If you only have a vague idea of the direction your aiming for, how do you expect the people who are kind enough to pick you up to be able to help you get closer to where you need to be. I dont carry a map when hitching, but it is a good idea. I usually write down in full description in my note book that I keep in my bag, where and how to get to where I am heading. I also usually open up google maps on my iPhone and screen shot a couple of photos of the route I need to take.

Dont  Refuse an invitation. If someone stops for you, and they are heading even just a couple of kilometers down the road, take them up on their offer. All you can do is get a little closer to you destination, plus, they might move you to a better hitch spot.

Do  Listen to your gut instinct. Call it intuition or maybe just a hunch, but you feel it, its there, and you have it for a reason. Trust you body. If a car pulls up, winds down their window and asks where youre heading and you get a negative or weary reaction, kindly thank them and decline their offer. Putting yourself out there in this world is a great thing, but you must be a good judge of character, and be able to feel your way out of some situations. I may be a little naive, but I pride myself in being a good judge of character and I also dont lack common sense. These skills have gotten me safely from A to B around the world, with only a few minor problems that in the end, I have obviously worked through and learnt from. 😉

Dont Be rude. Show the proper etiquette and practice your politeness. If someone has taken the time to pick you up and help you on your journey, odds are they are interested in your life. Tell them your story and listen to theirs. Know what lines not to cross, and befriend the silence. You wont be speaking every minute of your road trip, and thats ok, learn to be silently comfortable, its a beautiful thing.

Were all mad here. The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

Do Be prepared to lose your mind. Especially if you are riding solo. You may be on that road for hours on end, watching cars go by and cursing them as they do. Youll talk to yourself, make up games in your head, create new lyrics to old songs and maybe even shed a tear of frustration. Your not alone, we all go a little mad sometimes. Standing on a road waiting for a ride can be daring and mentally dangerous sometimes, know that when you come out of it, you will be mentally gratefully. Going just a little insane can be a quite eye opening.

Dont  Worry about a thing. You have made it this far, and the world is with you. Your universe is looking out for you, and we are after all, all but one. Humans are incredible things, its our instinct to help each other out, its in our blood. That is a pretty wonderful thought. Have your wits about you and dont lack your common sense, but you know as well as I do, with that wonderful positive energy you set out on the road, to follow through with your journey, will bring you great experiences. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Happy hitching!

London Sightseeing

6 Penniless Ways To Keep You Occupied In London

So we all know that London is undeniably one of the most expensive cities in the world.

In fact, recently, London over took Hong Kong as being the most expensive city to live and work in.

It is said to be twice as pricey as living in Sydney. To me that is just insanity, Sydney is already hard enough to get by in, and we are getting paid quite literally twice as much as what any 20-something-year-olds in London are getting paid.

I take my hat off to all of you crazy Australians who come to London, especially those with minimal money, and start a life here. After getting paid $22.50 an hour as a casual in Australias entrepreneurial supermarket Woolworths, I cant imagine starting up a shitty 12 hour job in London getting paid minimum wage.

Having said that, London is an incredible city. I was surprised and taken aback at how quickly I started to like London, especially because coming back to London was something I initially did not want to do. You may have to deal with grumpy women and men aging from 18-50 plus through peak hour on the tube, and wear multiple layers during winter just to enter a pub and have to strip back down to a t-shirt and jeans, but this city sure does have something about it that keeps pulling me in.

Maybe its the fact that this International city has all kinds of independent human travelers from every centre of the earth, people who come here as a pit stop to enter Europe, inspired people who come here for the opportunities that perhaps Sydney, New York or Tokyo may not be able to offer their career, and people who, having been sick of their day-to-day life back home, book a one way flight to London in hopes of something fresh, something a little more exciting and eccentric.

Whatever it is I have really enjoyed my past week here, being a traveler, traveling on literally nothing, London to me was a gate way to becoming super thin as I wouldnt be able to afford to eat, and a harsh haven of bitter cold that I would come to resent it for.

Instead, I have eaten an abundance of food and I have been walking around wearing less than what I was in Germany (which to me is heaven in itself). It may be cold, but my Aussie thick summer skin has started to evolve to the European winter, and I may be broke, but I am definitely not going without food and water.

Who said being a broke traveler in London had to be expensive? Here are some ways to explore the city and enjoy your time in London without spending a dime.

1. Walk

Ok I know right now its Winter. But that is no excuse not to walk here and there, youre traveling, youre in no rush to get to work. Put on an extra layer of clothing and get out and enjoy that hour walk to Camden, or the London Bridge! After all, the cold weather probably means you havent been doing as much exercise as you should be anyway. London is a beautiful city to get lost in, and people, although they might seem a little bitter, can be super helpful and friendly, I doubt anyway would be rude to you if you walk up to them with a smile on your face and your radiating that positive energy out from you from walking the streets of a new city! A brisk walk every day will also help with your blood circulation, which in winter can go a bit astray. Getting your body moving and your blood circulation flowing will help your immune system fight off any nastys that try to invade you over winter. It will help all those fluids and nutrients in your body flow the way they are supposed to flow and it will help your body proportion the heat you so desperately need. As well as that, it will get rid of any toxins you may have throughout the body (beer and wine to name just two).

2. Museums (but especially The Natural History Museum)

If you think you dont like museums, think again. Londons Natural History Museum has something for everyone! I have been there twice in the past week, spent easily over 4 hours there, and I am still going back for more tomorrow. It is so much fun, so interesting, and completely free! The Natural History Museum is open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. I am not a big museum girl, I dont really understand modern art and I have such a short attention time span that I just cant concentrate long enough to take anything of museums in, but when entering this museum, my eyes as big as a fishes, my attention span grew and I was that of a small child in a candy store. I have never been so enthralled in a museum before. If you get to this museum and you feel its not for you (very unluckily) then take appreciation to the architecture of the building. Inside you will find that each terracotta tiling that that rises up to the ceiling of this beautifully built building, has different animals and plants creeping and carved up them. Snakes slither up the sides as well as birds flying towards the top. The building was first opened in 1881, it is a historical landmark in itself without even looking at what it holds inside of it.

As well as this museum you can also add the Science Museum, National Gallery, National Maritime Museum, Tate Museum and the Imperial War Museum to the penniless pleasures of London.

A little monkey creeping up the Natural History Museum

3. Dumpster Dive

Yes, it is what you think. Dumpster diving is a fun, vibrant way to get yourself some food for free! Think about how many sandwiches Starbucks make each day and dont get eaten, how many bakeries bake fresh pastries every morning that they can only sell until they close that night. How many fruit and vegetables come in and out of our super markets everyday, they get bruised or a little battered and are seen as unfit fruit to feed us (they can be kept in freezers for months and shipped half way across the world but if they fall on the ground for less than 5 seconds they are trash, how can you justify that?). Dumpster diving, or dumpster searching is a way to minimize waste and it wont put a dent in your bank account! In London, my usual way of Dumpster diving, (going to the back of unspoiled bins of big co-operations and swimming through their bins for goodies) is a little hard as most super markets here have a inclosed area where they have their waste. However, London is home to many a Starbucks, Pret-A-Manger, Eat, Costa, and hundreds of bakeries. If you are aware of what time the one you are closest to closes, you can usually gain a few not even day old pastries or sandwiches from behind the store! Sometimes you can even go in and politely ask them if they are about to throw out their food, would they mind giving you some to take home. This of course doesnt always work, employees can be scared to get in trouble from their bosses, or bosses can be reluctant as they dont want a law case on their hands, but if you never ask you shall never receive! There is a whole community of people all over the world who get food from alternate, creative ways that are non-cost affective, support a minimalistic lifestyle and provide freedom of food for thought whilst supporting our environment instead of hurting it. For instance, some of these people are known as Freeganisms. There are websites to help you sort through some trash and to help you start a life of Freeganisming. Try looking on or for some inspiration on getting creative with feeding yourself and others. Also, there is a wonderful collective called Food Not Bombs, an all-volunteer run community that collects food that would other wise go to waste, and feeds it to others. They are world-wide and anyone is welcome to join the movement to help collect, cook, feed and eat. I am going to one of their free lunches this Friday! Like their page on Facebook to hear more about them or read about them here: or alternatively on Wikipedias page foodnotbombswiki.

4. Drink some tea and get to know the locals

I cannot even express how much fun I have had the past week, sitting on the couch, at the table or lying on the floor, drinking copious amounts of tea, with the three girls I have been staying with in London. There is something about London apartments/houses. They are so quaint and architecturally different to those of what I have back home in Australia, you look out the frosted window and you see that grey British sky with a little bit of blue seeping through, the birds are still chirping and depending on where you are, you can faintly hear the tube passing by, making its way around the city. Herbal Tea is a part of my every day life, but since being in Europe and especially London, tea has become my savior. There is just absolutely nothing better than sitting down with good company, a cuppa in your hand, and chatting about well absolutely anything! From how everyones day was, to what is next to come in each others lives, to (and yes Ill admit it) a little bit of guilty pleasure gossiping. A free event for all, a great way to warm yourself up and connect with those in your life around you, whether its reconnecting, or connecting for the first time, tea can open you up to those around you.

5. Pubs and bars

Who says you need to go to a bar and spend a stupid amount of pounds on your beer. The pubs in London are those of that as well as being a way to keep out of the cold, are also a cultural kind-of thing to do. AND! Usually the pubs have a whole range of board games for you and your friends to sit down and enjoy! Last night I spent a good hour and a half asking my friends questions from Trivial Pursuit. We were tempted to play Guess Who, and give a few card games a go but we had to meet a few others at another pub that was to full and loud to play any games.

Its such a great way to pass the time, next time you go out have a few drinks (if youre a drinker, for me this isnt an issue, as I no longer really drink besides perhaps your casual glass of red every now and then) at home before heading out, so that when you get out you dont have to waste so much money on alcohol Or alternatively, just dont drink!

6. London Markets

The London markets, a great day event that will leave you full from all the free taste testers, and inspired to create some delicious new meals of your own, or maybe start up some new crafts. I LOVE markets, it is a dream of mine to make my way around the world selling the crafts I create and the food I make. So for me, markets are a great way for inspiration and I usually get so caught up with whats around me it pushes me to create new ideas and plans on how I am going to construct it into my life. My favorite markets are usually those you find at small festivals or country towns (If you are ever in Ireland and find yourself near West Corks countryside, ask about the markets that get shipped each weekend to the different small county towns that lie near the waters edge, they are MAGNIFICENT), but Londons markets are really something else! My favorite are the Camden Lock markets. I love Camden, it is my favorite area in London, I have met some of my favorite people in Camden there and had fabulous times by my self, and with others. The best bit about the Camden markets (for me) is the vast range of food stalls they have, every thing you could imagine, made fresh in front of you, catering to all, from vegan sweets to meat galore. Ethiopian, Brazilian, Italian, Turkish, English, French locals of London, cooking their authentic food for you. Just walk through and grab some testers, it will take you about an hour just to pick what you want to eat, you dont want to make the wrong decision!

There are also the Brick Lane flea markets in East London, which are every Sunday, these markets are filled with vintage clothes, little knick-knacks and antiques that you can bargain down. Columbia Road Flowers market, a lively, colorful market are also located in East London, situated close to Brick Lane and are also every Sunday!

The Portobello Road Market has been around since the 1800s here in London, located near Notting Hill. I am yet to go to these, (I will be going this weekend) but have nothing but wonderful things about it!

Walking through London with my loves to a pub for some free board game fun!

There are always things to do and see that can cost you nothing! There are so many ways to explore a city, you dont have to necessarily spend money to do these things. Get creative and learn to research what to do. Youll be surprised how much is actually for free! Check out the London locals page on Couchsurfing as well, that is a great way to discover free events and like-minded people to hang out with! London may be the most expensive city in the world for some, but with some perseverance you can make it possibly even the cheapest you have ever been in! All it takes is an empty wallet and a little bit of character 😉

Happy exploring!

A little note Apologies for how little photos I have on this post! Havent been keeping track of my surroundings with my camera the past week!

Journal Entries

Journal Entries

Today, I had a mild panic attack. They come to us all, sometimes when we least expect it. My day was filled with over exaggerated smiles and love. Each day I usually have to take a minute to collect myself and to truly accept and appreciate the love I am constantly surrounded and immersed in. We can call it meditation or perhaps a moment that you choose to keep just to yourself, to perhaps center yourself and recollect your thoughts.

As the wonderful day lead to night, I started to feel a little un-easy about an email I received. I won’t say what it was about, just something superficial that made me cringe and question my motifs, as we all sometimes do.

I was talking to a friend via social media about how I was feeling and she said something to me that made me really appreciate myself. She said, “But you always say things work itself out. Just think about what you have done in the past 6 months! Look out the window to where you are now! Look at the people who are letting you stay with them!”

I did as she told me, I stopped staring at the screen and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and opened them again. In front of me I had 3 crazy girls laughing at each other as they drunk their wine. I looked to the right of me where the frosted window led me to the night sky. Here I am, sitting in London, England.

When I first arrived in London I packed a bag of things to leave behind so I wouldnt have to carry them around Europe. I thought that tonight was a better time than any to go through this bag and get rid of what I don’t want and keep what I do. In it I found my journal that I had been writing in throughout the US and Mexico. I had decided to leave it in London as I thought it would inconvenience me backpacking through Europe (rookie mistake). 
I just finished reading through all I had written, and I realized something. I am the person that picks myself back up every day, I am the one that holds my head up as I venture through the world. I have people who help me, people who inspire me as I move forward. But in the end, I am the one that keeps me going. That is a pretty amazing thing. You are the one that holds yourself up, in the end, you will always be your greatest asset. You will always be the one you need the most.

Here are a few paragraphs/quotes from my journal that I have written over the time I was in the US and Mexico. Starting from when I first got on the plane in Sydney to fly to San Francisco:

10/08/2014 “I don’t belong behind a desk or a cash register for that matter. I refuse to live my life, 8 hours a day in a job I can only mildly stand. For what? So on the weekend I can splurge all my money on alcohol and blind myself to the fact that my earnings go to something superficial and consumingly degrading. I crave so much more than that, I want more than that, and I am going to get it.
So here I am, waking up after a corporate sleep. Surprising friends in San Francisco, friends who probably thought that they would never see me again.
San Francisco I have been missing you, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been missing me, well… I’m coming home.”

12/08/2014 “It feels like home. It feels like I never left. The familiar streets leaving me lost in a daze, but I don’t care because to me I was once again found. This city is as magical as ever. It was not just a beautiful dream, I did not over exaggerate this, it’s just how I remembered it, better even… and it is fucking fantastic.”

15/08/2013 “It’s such a bizarre thing to comprehend.That you are there, in a room she once sat with you in, talking about how she is now in her grave. It’s just not fair. When I get into bed I fall asleep straight away and the next morning I leave for a road trip with someone I met earlier that day.”

16/08/2014 “Driving into that California sunset. Life is pretty splendid. I honestly feel so blessed and like the stars are gazing down on me, pulsating me with thus beautiful holistic power. “

17/08/2014 “Woke up this morning ready to hitch up to LA, not sure of where I will be sleeping but high hopes of finding someone who will take me in for the night. Caught a ride up after an hour with my thumb out, an old soul, with a young heart.

Got to LA, was going to sleep on the beach at Santa Monica Pier, was walking onto the beach when my phone picked up WIFI and I received a message from a couch surfer who informed me I could crash with him. I am so completely grateful for these wonderful beings and wonderful experiences that continuously flow into my life.”

29/08/2014 “Tomorrow I leave San Francisco for a new adventure. I have found a lift from an old friend to LA, where I will then hitch to Arizona.”

1/09/2014 “The aim is to create your sustainable life, eventually using no other resources but your own. Simplicity at its finest.”

3/09/2014 “There is so much to learn. My head thrives as I take it all in. Arizona sunsets have me booming. I watched it go down again tonight, it’s playful rainbow portraying my horizon. What a beautiful life.”

10/09/2014 “ ‘I aint gonna hurt you’, He was heading home to Colorado and had to pass through Northern New Mexico anyway, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I thought to myself as I jumped in the car, maybe a little half reluctantly.”

“They were full-blown hicks, red necks like no other. Watching the super moon light up the fields helped me rest my head.”

“I like this town A LOT, maybe i’ll get stuck here a while…”

*No Date* “Tess was magic, the way she opened so many peoples eyes, allowing them to no longer see ignorance, but a chance to make a difference, the way she made people believe and see past any evil. That’s magic.

And timing, timing is magical. Timing misplaced to another time can seem like a bad thing. But then you meet someone or see something you wouldnt have unless that original timing had been set astray. That is magic.

The sky is magic. It’s different colors radiating beauty. It’s intense universe that leads way into the distance.

But people, people are the most magic. When we forget to believe in ourselves, thats when magic starts to frail, but we are magic. What we do, what we can create, our potential and the way we come together.”

13/09/2014 “Went to the farmers markets today. A palm reader gave me a free reading. She told me I am here to teach, to counsel, and above all, to spread my love and gratitude to all I meet. She told me about the mystic cross between my hands and my heart. It protects me, the universe is in correspondence with it. I was told that by creating my own self outside of those who have known me my whole life has been some what of a challenge, but I have graciously succeeded. She helped me understand a lot, I continue to grow and trust myself. Most importantly, I continue to learn that I am the one who I need most in my life.”

*No Date* “I don’t know much but I know this to be true. When the air you breathe is fresh and your sky line is mountains, your floor bed the dirt, there is not much to be but happy. The smell of the earth, in its dusty red smog is full. Use your body to run and jump and scream and release. You are happier than happy could ever well be.”

*No Date* “Oats your so warm and squishy, you make me feel so damn pretty. Every stranger that I meet, give me oats to fall asleep. You’re the only grain in the world that doesnt make me want to hurl.”

21/09/2014 “When I think about you (often) I think about love. I feel wholesome and humble. I see you there, and I feel it coming. It scares me, but only ever so slightly, in the best kind of way.

The way that if you were to leave I would hurt, if you were to stay I would crumble, and if you were to never show, I would cry. 
You frighten me so much, but my biggest fear of all would be if you were to never have arrived. If you never had arrived, you would in not arriving, never have to leave. If this was so, I would never have had to feel that immense heart breaking, spectacularly aching feeling. That would be the saddest of all things to happen. I have no fear, whatever will be will be. I feel it so in every way.”

*No Date* “From something as big as that miracle you never thought you would see, from something as small as a smile or a glance from a stranger. It can be twisted and turned into so much more. We as humans have the ability to shape these moments into what we want. It’s all how we perceive it, how we see it. What do you see?”

25/09/2014 “On my way to Mexico, entering in from Texas. Austin was fun-filled and tiring. The heights of the cities buildings escalated so high that it fogged my brain and alarmed my senses. Illuminating some light and reforming old habits. I yearn for the slower paced scenery, mountains and extravagant landscapes. Ones with mixed greens, oranges, yellows, reds and blues. Concrete is grey. Lifeless.”

*No Date* “San Francisco or Europe? Things are not always what they seem.”

At the end of this page a quote from ‘The Dharma Bum’ by Jack Kerouac “I really believed that I was an old time bhikku in modern clothes wandering the world. (Usually the immense triangular arc of New York to Mexico City to San Francisco). In order to wheel of the true meaning, or Dharma and gain merit for myself as a future awakener.”

Since finding this journal and reading my own thoughts I have become once again humbled at how well looked after I am by the universe, with some action, I know that any obstacle objected in front of me, I will cross maybe not so cautiously but ever so creatively.

Following the Sun

Following The Sun

Four days ago I found myself in a small town in Germany, my toes were numb from the winter wind that strikes through to your very core, and my soul was some what flattened. I had just spent two amazing weeks in Berlin with old friends whom I met in San Francisco when I was living there.

I should have been ecstatic but instead this overwhelming feeling of being abundantly lost overcame my body.

Usually I enjoy the feeling of being lost, but the days that followed showed me how upsetting your soul can get when being lost in the wrong frame of mind.

If I am honest, I suppose it was the cold that was really getting to me. So many people kept telling me to get over it, and to enjoy it. But after over 6 months of Summer I had landed in Europe to a raw and intense cold front. I was so use to following the sun that the grey skies that led to below zero temperatures could do nothing for me than make it hard for me to ever want to leave the comfort of indoors.

We ran around Berlin, regardless of this, causing the complete trouble we knew we would when we finally all reunited, I had dreamed of the day that I was going to get the chance to do this again, with these people who helped create who I am today, in the city that has my heart. It truly was wonderful, yet something was bothering me, like an itch at the back of your neck that you know your not suppose to scratch, yet knowing that your not suppose to scratch it just gives you more incentive to do it!

I found a new travel buddy in Berlin, an absolutely insane, out-of-this-world Brazilian named Laura.

Laura shares a lot of the same values of traveling as me, as well as that, shes completely mental and has this attitude that absolutely anything is possible and she shares the same love as me in relationship to San Francisco.

Safe to say she is my kind of human!

We decided to travel together after Berlin. I voted for somewhere south, where the sun would at least be at our demand. So we headed to a small town near Frankfurt called Mainz, where Laura had a friend who we could crash with that she met in South East Asia. From there we decided to book a flight for a few days later to Porto, Lisbon.

Mainz is a small University town thats placed quite quaintly on the west bank of the River Rhine. We stayed in a small flat with Phil, a German university student that shares our love for travel.

We spent out days exploring the city and well sleeping. We were so exhausted from Berlin that we slept in most days and spent our nights roaming roaming around aimlessly.

i was stuck in my head, a place I do not like to get stuck in. The freedom of my brain and stability had some how started deteriorating, all I could think about was how happy I am whenever I am in San Francisco. I constantly wonder if I will ever find a place where I felt so full and so much inspiration.
I had cut myself off from the world for a few days, I deactivated my Facebook and sat in this room in Mainz wondering how it could be that I could feel so much happiness and wellbeing in one place, and so much confusion and frustration in another.

I was ready to leave Germany. MORE then ready. As beautiful as it is, the cold was started to ruin my time and I was missing my Vitamin D.
On the day of our flight from Frankfurt to Porto, I jumped up, brushed my teeth, put my clothes on and rushed out the door.

Me and Laura farewelled Phil and got on the train to the airport. We had be assured that there was only one airport in Frankfurt, we took every pro-caution to be at the boarding gate to our flight on time.

We exit the train smiling and giggling, still half asleep from the early morning wake up.

We search the information board for our flight, Frankfurt to Porto. Our flight is no where to be seen. Of course.

I start to get nervous and run to the information desk that is close by. I show the man my E-ticket and he looks at me with this Oh honey Im so sorry kind of look on his face.

He explains to me that we are at the wrong airport, and that we can get a bus from here to the one we need get our flight from.

I smile and gasped, Thank God!

My dear The boarding gate for this flight closes in 25 minutes, it takes 1 and a half hours to get to this airport from here.

I look at Laura and she is staring back at me with this blank look on her face. We are both super stuck for cash, Im literally out of cash, minus $$ even, and Laura is now down to her last $2000.

We walk away stunned and go and sit down, stealing wifi from the airport trying to decide what to do.

My argument was I was done, I wanted OUT of Germany, I wasnt even thinking about how much money it would cost me. I wanted to book a new flight there and then and be on a red eye by midnight.

Laura talked some sense into me, explaining its not worth it, we just needed to calm down and research cheap flights again.

We researched flights between Germany and Portugal, Spain, and France. As it happens we found a cheap flight for the following day, this time into Lisbon instead of Porto. We booked it and took the train back to Phils.

The next 24 hours where that of utter deliriousness and confusion, me and Laura, tired with our head in the clouds, walked around Mainz laughing at our misfortune.

The next day we got to the airport 3 hours early, when we finally got on the plane to fly to Portugal, our exhaustion got the better of us and we both passed out. When I opened my eyes, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful landscape of pristine blue ocean, and lush green land. Finally, a little sun, mixed with that of nature.

Lisbons castle from the town centre.

I have been in Lisbon for 5 days now. The streets have become familiar and as I walk through them I cant help but to feel nostalgia from another place in my head that leads me again, back to San Francisco.

Me and Laura in Lisbon on our last afternoon together.

Maybe its the fact that Lisbon has its very own Golden Gate bridge. Or maybe its the cable cars that connect you from the top to the bottom of the steep roads. Whatever it is, Lisbon is a replica of San Francisco. The misty cool air states that you are somewhere in between an Australian and European winter, like that of a San Francisco winter. The sun shines all day, though take a wrong turn into the shade and you experience the chills of a full frontal winter.

I was unaware that coming to a city so similar to the one I love, would open up my eyes and free my head from the confusion I had set myself in.

A similar picturesque landscape to that of San Francisco. Lisbon, Portugal.

My first day in Lisbon I left Laura at our couch surfing hosts house and I walked the streets alone, looking for a place to clean my dirty clothes. I found a laundromat, set my clothes to 30 minutes and went out in the park next door. I laid on the grass, soaking up the sun and wrote something in my notebook about the infectious seduction of San Francisco.
My head was no longer stuck in its own, I felt not alone, but lost. Inspired again to keep capturing  every inch of beauty that I experience every day.

If nothing else, thats all we can ask for; to be thankful for the beauty that surrounds us

These are the words I wrote as I lay in the sun that Lisbon has to offer me;

This is where it started, my head up in the clouds,
I couldnt see much further then that of what trees can see for miles.
I looked around, I took a breath, my eyes started to shine,
I started to move I felt the air that forever feels like mine.
This place, Ive been more then once and still to no suprise,
Whenever my feet are planted here I just cant help but to cry
Its not because Im sad, no way, quite the opposite in fact.
This heavenly earth, the one Ill always crave, has given me just that.
That feeling that your falling from a plane down to the ground,
With strings attached you know your safe but forever you scream and shout
With joy of course, adrenaline, the shear thrill to be alive.
This place that Ive been dreaming off is here and plain in site.
It doesnt judge, it doesnt curse, it holds me just so tight.
I express myself with bubbles and art and in return she smiles with delight.
The streets are filled with character the mountains filled with land, land of which Ill cross with shoes that hold the dirt and sand.
The dirt from the ground smells different to any other dirt, the trees, the bark, the leaves smell so majestically perfect.
The golden bridge gleams in the sun but even in the fog, the fog brings out the best in us, you wouldnt think it possible.
So here Ill stay my hearts bounded to you forever and a day.
My home, my safe zone, yet my unbelievably eccentric city,
I love you so San Francisco youve become a part of me.

Mountains and Clouds

Whoops I

I wanted to fly a little.
Flow deep into the winter wonderland they said, Its almost as if your versatile soaring!.

One, two, three, let it go. Floors and doors and ghosts in the smoke.
I catch a fire fly in my hand, I open it up as it turns into sand
The sand spreads out before the sea, the sea I see reflects at me,
I swim, one stroke at a time, I watch as the stair case slowly unwinds,
I walk up it slow, cautious at first. What could it be that this winding stair case is trying to converse?
To me?
Yes you, your the only one around, feeling your fore head, your sweat drips to the ground.

You remember that laughter bursts at the seams,
You cultivate the moments that make you obscene.
The light pours in around your heart, I thank the gods for blessing my parts.
The parts of me that go so deep, I step off the stair case and into the heap.
There I stand, not all alone but with strangers, children both small and grown.
The gift I feel is that of life, I follow the stepping stones into the night.

The night falls down my eyes turn green Could it be that I have taken a wrong turn from what I have seen?

The road looks rough, and that of clouds.
I try to cry, to shake the mounds.
The mounds that now stand in front of me, the mounds that are now keeping me from being free,
I toss and I turn begging for ways out , the light it seems has some what gone out,
I crave the brain of one not fogged.
Soon youll be normal, they now say, Your brains just a little bit smoked.

I try to believe them, but I need to escape, I plan strategies that make my head ache.

Wait it out! I scream inside of my head.
Your stronger than this, Is what I should have said.

I start to loose it, my skin gets lost,
I see the fairies, but now at a cost.
Their teeth grinning sharp, I know theyre not mean, I know that my eyes arent perceiving them clean.

But mind over matter or matter over mind,
Theyre lost in a world that is no longer mine.

I stop. I breathe. I see the light, I see a way out of defining this sight!

It starts to dye down, I slowly start to find my way back,
I exit the shore that first led to attack.
I follow the path back to where I once was, my mind just a blister in the sun.

This girl on her path, so blatantly lit, crossing those bridges that you must not resist,
Careful and slowly she grew her wings tall, and now never looks back when she starts to soar.

I awaken now, not whole but light, I now see the sparks that always ignite,
And in those sparks such a heavenly site.

Now I will dream so fondly of them, like a peacock dreams calmly in REM.

Alice in Wonderland Shoes

Creating Your Fairy Tales

You must always have faith in people, but most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.-Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Yes, I did just quote Legally Blonde, and yes, I do think that Legally Blonde is an excellent movie. Disregarding whether or not you enjoy Reese Witherspoon wearing tight hot pink clothes playing another leading role in a Rom-Com or not, you have to admit, that the quote Elle Woods states in her University speech at the end of the movie, is just down right spot on.

When I was a little girl, I use to dress up as Pocahontas or Ariel on a daily basis, they were my go-to role models. I would put on my Pocahontas dress, get my mother to set up my Pocahontas play tent and run around singing Colors of the Wind until my little legs got tired and I would crash on the floor in exhaustion.Other times I would sit in my bathtub pretending I had fins and singing into a hand-held mirror like how Ariel does in The Little Mermaid when she hands her voice over to Ursula in exchange for the freedom to walk on land. (Hmm, that seems like a little bit of a metaphoric satire if you ask me).

Other times I would sit in my bathtub pretending I had fins and singing into a hand-held mirror like how Ariel does in The Little Mermaid when she hands her voice over to Ursula in exchange for the freedom to walk on land. (Hmm, that seems like a little bit of a metaphoric satire if you ask me).
I grew up rich in love and a middle class family that was (and of course, still is) devoted to fulfilling me with abundance in every way they could.

Me as a child with Princess Bella, and Princess Francesca (Sister and Cousin)

As I got a little older, my expectations of life as a mermaid or a warrior princess slowly started to deteriorate, but I still managed to view my life in a way that left a romantic notion surrounding it. From time and time again over the years, even now as a 22 year old, I have been told that my romantic way of thinking is not a reality. I respect the people who have told me this, and who believe this to be true to their own extent.
However my life is whatever I want it to be, so is yours. Its all how you perceive it right? Im not saying one day really soon Im going to grow fins and jump into the ocean, and explore the oceans depths in search of Atlanta (though, a girl can dream).

But life is magic, in one moment to the next.

When I was 16, my mother came home one day with a gift for me. Perfectly placed in a purple satin bag, I pulled the string and unraveled it, inside I found a long, dainty, gold necklace. The necklace was covered with little golden fairies and golden bells.

I held it in my hands and my mother held my hands in hers and squeezed them tight. She looked at me in the eyes and said, Believe, believe, believe.
That moment will never leave me, it has done me so much good since that day. And you know what, I am a warrior princess, I trekked through Mexico, planting seeds and walking through rivers to get to work, carrying coconuts home to make food and medicines. I traveled through the USA hitchhiking through the country, with one pair of shoes, minimum showers, and some damn good luck. I then continued onto finding my way to a completely new continent, exploring hidden lands in Ireland, running out of money in France, and have continued on, creating ways to survive through Holland, and now Germany, and so many more places to name.

My life is a fairytale. Yours can be too.

Utrecht, the Netherlands

The past week or so I was in the Netherlands. I caught a bus from Paris to Amsterdam and spent 4 days exploring the flat, eccentric city that our whole world classifies as a number 1 must-see-to-do in Europe.

I found it so beautiful, the Dutch are wonderful, helpful, and astonishingly flawlessly stunning people. I managed to walk around the whole city in a day, frolicking through the side streets, watching the bikes take over the cities roads and the perpetual travelers that enter and exit the city every day. The red light district had me on my toes and the green light district had me giggling. How crazy is it that 5, maybe 6 weeks prior to this I was in the tropics in Mexico, picking fruit and pulling out fresh kale, the heat of the sun bellowing down on my back.

I made my way from Amsterdam to Utrecht, with Renske, the friend I made hitch hiking in Ireland. Renske is from the Netherlands, she just so happened to get back home as I was passing through (thank god for that). We traveled to Utrecht together and from Utrecht we hitched to her small little university town, close to the border of Germany, called Wageningen.
The one night we had in Utrecht, Renske decided to take me ice skating. I was all about this, up until we got to the ice skating rink and I realized that this was actually about to happen I have never ice skated in my life. Im more of an outdoorsy beach girl, not a winter wonderland girl Despite my screeching and yelling, pulling Renske back saying I really didnt want to do this, she bought us both tickets and rented skates and handed them to me telling me to put them on.

Again, I have done some risky things in my short time on earth, nothing exclusively major, but I think to an extent still pretty risky. Here I was, in a safe little town in the Netherlands, with a good friend here to help me, about to partake in a fun activity, and I was scared shitless.

After 10 minutes of pouting at Renske, I stood up and went to stand on the ice. It was about 9pm, so mostly people my age where on the ice, natives that have been doing this for years.

Me and Renske Ice Skating in Holland

First time on the ice?, One boy asked me.

Yep, shes from Australia, Renske replied for me.

The boy laughed and wished me luck.

And so began my first lesson in ice skating I could not stop giggling, uncontrollable laughter escaped my lungs, holding onto Renske for dear life, literally not letting her let me go (though she tried time and time again too), I was wobbling all over the place, my body moving unnaturally to this weird type of land beneath me.

I was terrified! Holding onto the ledge and begging Renske for this to be over and to let me go sit down. Renske was having a fabulous time, she was so astonished at how scared I was, but so was I!

Why are you so scared to fall Nat? She asked me. I was baffled by her question, in my head I was thinking, uhh, WHY DO YOU THINK?! but when I tried to mouth why I was afraid so much of falling, of letting go of her and relying on myself, I could not get my words out.
Why was I so scared?!

I think Im scared that if I fall Ill hit my head I replied eventually, through gasps and giggles. But how silly of me, you always land on your bum ice skating, and plus, if you dont fall you cant pull yourself back up, you cant learn from it.

From the outside it looked like I was scared to fall, scared to hurt myself. But I think what was really going on was, I was scared to make a fool of myself in front of all these skaters who knew what they were doing

Then, three Dutch girls came onto the ice, fairly new to ice skating. Its not just you Nat, look, these Dutch girls are just learning too, see! Renske told me as the three girls held onto each other for dear life, making circles around the rink.

I looked at them, and I looked at me. I had this appreciation for where I was, the company I was in, and what I was doing. Trying new things and setting goals, aspiring for change, for the great unknown. In that moment I was so happy, and even though I had been a little home sick, I had been feeling a little lost, a little scared, I thought back to my mum giving me that necklace, and the words she spoke to me. And I thought to myself, I got this.

I let go of the ledge, and still holding onto Renske I let her guide me around the rink, around and around we went and as I started to let go of worrying about falling, or what other people thought of me making a fool of myself, the more fun I started to have.

I didnt fall just for the record.

Utrecht, the Netherlands

The following day we hitched to Wageningen and I spent 3 nights with Renske, mostly in the apartment, just settling, chilling out and regaining strength, reflecting and taking time for myself. I, once again, was so bedazzled at how accommodating, and beautifully structured humans can be to one another. I had so much fun with Renske, we had an instant best friend connection and she let me into her world and literally gave me shelter and a place to regather my thoughts.

Yesterday I made a move to the next. Berlin.

Ah Berlin, I have been dreaming about you for quite some time. An obstacle I have wanted to overcome for SO long. I have always had this fascination with Berlin and now, I am finally here. BETTER YET, I am finally with my dear old friend Natalie.

Natalie deserves her own post, and she will get one. And then you learn about the magic of Nat.

FINALLY!! After 1 and a half years of separation, reunited in Berlin with Natty!

So anyway, I have accomplished some major goals in my life over the past week, one of them, yes, was ice skating, (I dont care what you say, it was an obstacle for me!) and finally making it to Berlin, a city I have felt a pull towards for quite some time now. That magnetic energy hailing me in.

There is no where else in this crazy world I would rather be right now. My fairy tale life taking me to far away lands, sweeping me off my feet and creating nourishment in all the right places as I go, and you know what, anything REALLY IS possible if you just believe and take some action. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise, believe in your fairy tale, and live it. For no one else but for you, I promise you wont regret it.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”-J.M Barrie

Go Up and Never Stop

Oh, The Places Youll Go!

Hello everyone! Today IS your day, every day is your day!

I have been traveling now for just over 4 months and if I have learnt anything over that time it is that today is your day, today is MY day, today is EVERYBODYS day. Today is the day to make things happen, to make magic happen, to make your dreams come true. Today is the day to make mistakes, to fall in love, to watch the sun rise as your walking back to your hostel at a ridiculous hour, to get your passport stolen on the back of the bus or to run into the ocean naked with people youve just met watching the plankton light up around you in the luke warm water miles and miles from home.

Today will soon be no more, and tomorrow will be all we have left. Make it count, make it matter. Do what you love and love what you do, dont worry about the person next to you, or what your parents might think.

Live your life for you, and surround yourself with those magical mystical places and people that make it all worth it.

Four months ago I left my home town in Sydney, Australia for a new beginning, a new journey.

I hitchhiked through the USA, I walked the rivers through Mexico, I fell in love all over again in San Francisco (as well as with San Francisco all over again), I flew to London to surprise two of my best friends who I hadnt seen in months, years even, with next to no money left in hopes of finding a new life in a new city (which I have succeeded in). And now I am taking off for 1 month to travel across Europe before moving into my new apartment in London after the new year has started.

Over the months I have collected footage of my travels. I printed out the text of Dr Seusss amazing story Oh, the places youll go! and have gotten people I have met to help me out with the recordings of the lines. The link at the bottom of this page is some of my footage put together, this has taken me months to make and I am quite proud of my little video.

For all you incredible people I have met, especially those who have partaken in this film, from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you!

For all the people I literally forced to memorize the lines for me to catch on camera, for those who I made retake their scene because they werent enthusiastic enough, and especially those who were automatically super excited and enthusiastic to do this for me, you guys are incredible. You all seriously complete me. I would not be where I am right now without you all.

I would never have made it this far without these incredible humans looking out for me, the kindness of strangers and of those I have met along the way or old friends has been overwhelming and mesmerizing. Thank you to all the meals you fed me when I was hungry, all the advice you gave me when I was unsure of something. All the lifts you gave me from A to B, all the long chats about the meaning of life and all those hikes we did through cities, forests and mountains discovering each others passions and laughing all along the way, seriously guys, if it wasnt for you all who knows where I would be!

I love you all. The impact you have all had on me will forever shape who I am and who I will continue to be.

Onwards to the next adventure. See you all somewhere in the world.

Oh, the places youll go! locations (in no particular order):

USA: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, New York.
Mexico: Mexico City, San Miguel De Allende, Juluchuca.
England: London.

Your mountain is waiting! So get on your way


Changing Continents

Woah. SO much has happened in the past 10 days I dont even know where to start.

Well to start off with, I am in England. Yes, thats right, I found the courage to leave my favorite place in the world, to venture on to new and greater heights.

Leaving the USA (or should I say leaving San Francisco) was such a huge deal for me. I never seem to have enough time in that country, and once I had re-entered in from Mexico on my EU passport instead of my Australian passport I gained three more months in the USA.

I was so happy to see that little stamp underlining Valid until 21st January 2015. This was a dream come true for me had I not already booked flights from San Francisco to New York, New York to London, I would still be in California right now.

I was rather sad leaving behind San Francisco once again, but I have come to realize that San Francisco is a base for me, my home base. I know I can return whenever my heart desires and I will have so many wonderful people waiting for me, arms and hearts open.

My first night in London with Georgie

So early one Tuesday morning I woke up in the Mission District one last time, and got the Bart to the airport where I got my flight to NY.

I spent two days in NY, I stayed with an old friend from Sydney who has been living in Greenpoint Brooklyn an attending NYU.

Those couple days I just hung around Brooklyn, didnt even bother going into Manhattan, to me Brooklyn takes the cake on the boroughs and there is honestly just no where else I would rather be when visiting New York, besides maybe the lower east side.

It was so nice to see an old friend, hang out with her and discuss our lives as travelers. It made me super excited to get to London where I had two of my closest friends completely unaware of the fact that I was about to rock up on there doorstep.

It has been as long as 3 years that I had seen them, they moved to London in the middle of me living in the USA and so when I went back to Australia last year, they were not there.

I arrived in London around 10am. I went straight to meet up with a good friend from Sydney, Chloe, who was talking with Georgie one of my friends that I was surprising, planning to meet up with her once Georgie had finished work so they could have a drink (but really so I could just jump on Georgie). We walked to Georgies work, I run in and she looks up and sees me and her jaw just drops. She is so shocked, for a minute she said nothing. I honestly dont think I have EVER seen Georgie speechless, it was a wonderful moment.

After we calm down we go walking around the area and find a pub to go sit in, there was a lot to catch up on so we spent the afternoon talking about our travels and discussing how I was going to surprise our other friend Krystel.

Krystel was working a double until 1am, that night at the apartment we waited up till around 1:30 AM, I hadnt slept in over 30 hours by this point and could not keep my eyes open much longer.

We go to bed, and at around 5 AM I wake up to the door slamming and Georgie telling me that thats Krystel getting home.
I run to her room and sit on her bed, she is in the bathroom. I wait for her to come out.

She opens the door and walks out and I great her with a, Hello stranger!.
She starts to scream and yell and oh my goodness I will never forget her face, I had not seen this girl in 3 years, we use to be SO close, before I left for the USA we were living together. I honestly cannot believe we had gone this long without seeing each other.
It was so amazingly nice to see her.

Me and Krystel in London

Sometimes I think about my life, what it is, what Im doing, seeing, being and I literally cannot believe it.

I am so so lucky to be living this amazing life, going to these incredible places and being with a vast range of magical people.

Last night as I was standing in the O2 Arena in London, listening to my favorite song by my favorite band, The National, with one my best friends I found myself almost in tears, I have such an astounding life.

My almost week in London has been mesmerizing, I was so scared to leave California, leave San Francisco, thinking that coming to a new city to try and start a life would just be silly, no city could compare to SF. And no city can! However, all cities are different and you will never know if you will like them or hate them or have neutral feelings for them unless you go to them and discover them.

In less then a week I have found a place to live, numerous job opportunities and made new friends as well as connected with old ones. I am down to my last $500, probably even less now, and I am about to partake on a months journey around Ireland, France and Germany, Wwoofng and exploring, but I am not worried in the slightest.

In January i come back to my apartment and finding work will be so easy. I will be coming back to spend time with people from home before they partake on their new ventures.

The National @ the O2 Arena, London

Saturday I leave for Ireland to visit a few friends there and listen to the Irish speak with their beautiful accents whilst I drink beer. After Ireland I fly to France for 10 days to Wwoof in the middle of Paris, then I will get a ride from Paris to Berlin to stay for Christmas and NYE with another friend.

The ventures just keep on coming!

A rooftop bar in London and a painted wall in Shoreditch, London.

Oakland Bridge

The Oakland Outlook

It wasnt long, it wasnt much but I would say it was just enough.

From Mill Valley, to San Francisco, to Oakland. My Australian accent and your motorbike, with your The World jumper that you love so much.
I walked out from the Bart station and saw you on your motorbike, and I thought to myself, Well I dressed impractically.

I get changed into something that will keep me just a little bit warmer, openly in the day light in the West Oakland Bart station parking lot, you covered me for protection of the creeps and geeks, though there were none looming.

Later on as I tell you about my impracticability, you look and tell me that I am in fact a very practical person. I laugh, but you continue to explain to me how in my impracticability I am actually rather practical and no one else has ever seen it from that view-point but you, but your so right. You make me smile because you see me practically, like most people dont.

On my What to do before leaving San Francisco To-Do list was reaching the great heights of Oaklands Cemetery view-point, to gaze upon the Bay areas landscape from the spectacular panoramic view I had been told so much about.

It delivered like I knew it would, but what made it even more immaculate, even more breath-taking, was the fact that I was up there with you.

I heard about a book the first few days I arrived back in San Francisco from Mexico. Someone who I adore and have ever growing respect for told me about a book I needed in my life. The Dharma Bum by Jack Kerouac. I knew of it, but had never gotten my hands on a copy. The way this friend of mine spoke about it made me thrive to find it. I spent several days later that week searching through second hand book stores and thrift stores searching for it. I found it in book stores full price and I refused to pay it.
I turned to the universe, in search of not only the book, but a story of how I would retrieve it behind it.

I stopped searching for it. And then I found you, and amongst every wonderful bit of your soul, your body, and the creative time we had together, you added to my life, that great story of how I came to have that book in my hands.

What will be greater will be getting it back to you.

You have no idea how much that means to me.

I told you I would write about us, about that magnetic pull, about that combined love we both have for Northern California and for traveling the world.

How we both have hitch hiked, and travelled the globe working on farms in search for something more than just 9 to 5, or 5 to 9. Stretching our boundaries and overcoming whatever obstacles stands in front of us, whether that be finding ourselves sleeping under the Eiffel Tower a night to avoid spending money, or considering almost missing a flight to have more time in one place before moving onto the next. Our insanity, Ill write about our insanity.

But this is just the beginning of something bitter sweet, I dont need to rush the words that will flow, because like you said, like I said, we are both so young, and before us lies our entire lives.

See you in San Francisco.

See you in Australia.

See you somewhere in the world.