Grenada Sunset

The Wholesome Granada

A couple of nights ago I was sitting on the roof top of my hostel in Granada, Spain, with a bunch of new friends that, for the past week, have become like family to me. There was about 10 of us up there; Germans, New Zealanders, Lithuanians, Americans etc

We were crowded around the small terrace, huddled under blankets and keeping close for extra warmth. One guitar getting passed around as we sung the classics and listened to those who, so musically talented, could bring tears to your eyes from their own words they have turned into music.
I looked around at my surroundings. I saw one of my closest friends from Australia sitting beside me, I saw my new tightly knit family smiling, singing, some with their eyes open, some with their eyes closed.

To me, this was a perfect moment of clarity. I felt humble, whole, loved and enlightened. You could feel the connection pulsating from one soul to the next, nothing needed to be said about it, it was just so.

Last night me and 3 friends, new and old, decided to indulge ourselves in some afternoon tapas.

We set out from our hostel to the lively late Saturday afternoon streets of Granada in search for some cheap, delicious food.

After finding a small pub with vegetarian options we sat down, ordered sangria and started chatting.

Nora, one of the first girls I met in Granada started talking about how perfect the night on the roof was.

From this we started talking about the love we have come across in our travels, and how Granada has over and over again, given us so many of these moments filled with so much love and beauty.

Happiest little Vegemite in Granada.

Nora told us one of her favorite moments in Granada. She was at a party at her friends house. She walked into the kitchen and saw two of her friends. One cupping the others hands, looking at each other with so much adoration, and speaking words pure to each other. This moment, for Nora, was another one of those that fills you to the bring with an overwhelming abundance of gratitude.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling a somewhat deranged. I realized that it was my last night in Granada. I was planning to hitch hike to Valencia, a city north from here. Valencia was to be my pit stop to Barcelona, a way to shorten the road between Granada and Barcelona.

For the first time in a long time I felt truly heart-broken to have to leave a place that I have fallen head over heels for.

As the day went on I found myself conjuring up illusive ideas in my head of how to stay in Granada longer.

My emotions were running along side a roller coaster, I thought it would be best to write it out. I pulled out my journal and as I unwrapped the leather string that ties my journal shut, a tiny piece of paper that I thought I had lost a few weeks back fell out.

It was a fortune I had received from a fortune cookie. Not only was this the only fortune cookie I have ever received that has had any kind of significant meaning to me, but it is one that came to me through a very special person. A boy I met in San Francisco, who I of course have written about in my past posts, and who I will forever remember.

I remember cracking open the cookie and pulling out the note, looking at Steven as he asked me to read it aloud.

As the words left my mouth I felt the connection that drove me to him, to San Francisco, and to my own being. I felt clarity.

The cookie reads; You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult situations.
The truth in this fortune is accurate, and having this fall into my lap last night I was reminded that with each difficult situation, a good bye, running out of money, a disagreement or whatever it may be, it is no situation that you cant overcome.

I was reminded to live in the now, and everything else will follow.

Now, obviously, these moments come to those not only who travel, but to all. No matter how small it is, you can see something, feel something, and for a minute or two, you feel nothing but complete and utter content, happiness.

One moment of clarity, enlightenment, spiritual connection, or whatever you would like to call it, can give you so much. It can change the course of your life.

So don’t let them fall at the waist side. When they are happening, stay conscious, take it in, and appreciate the wonderful world around you.

As for me, I think Ill stick around Granada a little while longer.

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