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The Dharma Experience

Love what you do and do what you believe is great. When you’re in love with your work and it’s serving the world, that is your Dharma.

The week the Dharma was all chicks; me, Dorian, Sarah and Holly.

When I arrived in the rural town Paulden, Arizona, I was un sure of what my time would be like here. I had been craving the country for weeks but had no high expectations of Arizona, I knew that I would love it regardless, though all I knew of so far was the spectacular sunsets I would witness.

I was, I’ll admit a little scared of the lifestyle I did not have much experience on. Would I fit into the criteria to this way of living? What if I didn’t know enough about sustainable living to contribute to this farm?

What the hell was I worried about?

Upon arrival I received hugs and a jar of kombucha, I felt an instant warmth and welcoming. I spent my days here picking vegetables, preparing fruits to be dehydrated, watching the sun go down from a lazy hammock, staring up at the stars through the smoky haze of a camp fire, reading up on the benefits of herbs I never even new existed, creating delicious meals from organic produce, learning how to make kombucha, granola and my own almond milk, and crafting till my little heart desired. I re-taught myself how to sew, and I crafted little gifts such as dream catchers and jewelry to sell on the road, Needless to say, this place was totally for me.

Kombucha for days. 

Delicious home made granola with fresh fruits and lemon juice.

Eager to learn and asking multiple questions, in my 5 short days of being here I have learned SO much. I feel like my head is going to explode with wholesome awesomeness!

I have become aware of my surroundings and the impact each human being has on each other, and ecologically. I have been opened to an alternate way of living, which really, should be the standard way of living (and it once was before man decided we needed shiny things).
I have felt such an immense mount of inspiration from this place and these people and I thank them for that.

Dusk at the Dharma Farm.

My time with the Dharma Family has sadly been cut short, as I strive to make it to all these amazing places I have heard I should witness. I have a goal to make it to Austin, Texas for my 22nd birthday in 2 weeks, to achieve this goal and see the places I want to see I need to keep moving.
I will one day return to this darling farm, to see what beautiful surroundings these spiritually awakened people have further created for themselves, I have no doubt that it will continue to be something magical.

For now, I continue further, I received a ride today by another Wwoofer here who was heading in the same direction to Sedona, AZ. I arrived at dusk to my couch surfer host waiting for me in the town center. Nothing prepared me for the beauty here

I could feel Sedona’s intense energy calling me toward its mysterious charismatic mountains from miles away, now I am here, I already feel my soul stirring. Tomorrow morning I will hike the mountains to surrender myself to my wonderful surroundings.

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