Go Up and Never Stop

Oh, The Places Youll Go!

Hello everyone! Today IS your day, every day is your day!

I have been traveling now for just over 4 months and if I have learnt anything over that time it is that today is your day, today is MY day, today is EVERYBODYS day. Today is the day to make things happen, to make magic happen, to make your dreams come true. Today is the day to make mistakes, to fall in love, to watch the sun rise as your walking back to your hostel at a ridiculous hour, to get your passport stolen on the back of the bus or to run into the ocean naked with people youve just met watching the plankton light up around you in the luke warm water miles and miles from home.

Today will soon be no more, and tomorrow will be all we have left. Make it count, make it matter. Do what you love and love what you do, dont worry about the person next to you, or what your parents might think.

Live your life for you, and surround yourself with those magical mystical places and people that make it all worth it.

Four months ago I left my home town in Sydney, Australia for a new beginning, a new journey.

I hitchhiked through the USA, I walked the rivers through Mexico, I fell in love all over again in San Francisco (as well as with San Francisco all over again), I flew to London to surprise two of my best friends who I hadnt seen in months, years even, with next to no money left in hopes of finding a new life in a new city (which I have succeeded in). And now I am taking off for 1 month to travel across Europe before moving into my new apartment in London after the new year has started.

Over the months I have collected footage of my travels. I printed out the text of Dr Seusss amazing story Oh, the places youll go! and have gotten people I have met to help me out with the recordings of the lines. The link at the bottom of this page is some of my footage put together, this has taken me months to make and I am quite proud of my little video.

For all you incredible people I have met, especially those who have partaken in this film, from the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank you!

For all the people I literally forced to memorize the lines for me to catch on camera, for those who I made retake their scene because they werent enthusiastic enough, and especially those who were automatically super excited and enthusiastic to do this for me, you guys are incredible. You all seriously complete me. I would not be where I am right now without you all.

I would never have made it this far without these incredible humans looking out for me, the kindness of strangers and of those I have met along the way or old friends has been overwhelming and mesmerizing. Thank you to all the meals you fed me when I was hungry, all the advice you gave me when I was unsure of something. All the lifts you gave me from A to B, all the long chats about the meaning of life and all those hikes we did through cities, forests and mountains discovering each others passions and laughing all along the way, seriously guys, if it wasnt for you all who knows where I would be!

I love you all. The impact you have all had on me will forever shape who I am and who I will continue to be.

Onwards to the next adventure. See you all somewhere in the world.

Oh, the places youll go! locations (in no particular order):

USA: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, New York.
Mexico: Mexico City, San Miguel De Allende, Juluchuca.
England: London.

Your mountain is waiting! So get on your way

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