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A Love Letter to Arizona’s Skies

UPDATE: Currently in Flagstaff AZ, after leaving Paulden AZ, I found a lift to Sedona, a magical land where people go hiking and center themselves. Unfortunately, Sedona has, more recently, become a tourist attraction, and a place for retirees and rich hippies. For this reason, I only stayed a night, surfing on a lovely couple’s couch. My day in Sedona was spent hiking up the mountains to arrive at the top, where I found myself a hat someone left behind, and a whole lot of positive energy. I don’t even know what to say about Sedona. Nothing prepared me for its scenery. Photos don’t do it justice, words cannot comprehend its beauty. All I can do is post these photos below and tell you to GO GO GO if you are ever passing through.

I am now been in Flagstaff AZ, I leave tomorrow to hitch to Taos, New Mexico.

Flagstaff is a quiet little town, where everyone knows everyone. I am couch surfing with a boy named Nick, who lives next to the hostel in town. Flagstaff is the halfway house for those wanting to experience the Grand Canyon, they come here to crash and take tours to the canyons.
My time here has been super chilled, a couple of hikes, befriending locals, making jewelry and people watching. Yesterday I woke up to a mild concussion after having gone out the night before, I fell and hit my head pretty hard, completely self-inflicted but besides a couple of bruises here and there I am all good! Hey, I had to have at least one crazy night out in the US (Seriously no more alcohol for Nat ever, so spare me the lectures Ma).

Sedona, Arizona.

Hiking to the top.

Climbing to the top and busting some naked locals.

A Love Letter to Arizona’s Skies

To those cloudless skies and star gazing nights,
The first time I saw you your mountains filled my gaze,
The land beneath you rich and full.
My eyes wide open my heart opened to you too.
That night I followed the smoky gaze from the fires flames way up high to your solar aligned madness,
You stared back down at me twinkling in each great inferno up in your sky.
We stared at each other a long while and I finally understood what those people meant when they spoke about how important it is to have relationships you can comfortably sit in silence with.
I smelt the burnt wood and smiled at this.
The past few days I have watched you jolt and come to life.
I woke up this morning to you crying-and I am sure they were tears of utter joy
Falling on your great lands plains to succumb to our vegetables, flowers, animals and soils thirst.
I watch the sunset swinging from a hammock each evening.
The sun still burns my skin as it goes down,
And you show off with your rainbow lighting up each human soul that witnesses this.
I wonder what you think of us,
Small and insignificant.
I walk outside, I see your thunder roaring in the distance.
You light up the day, you light up the night.
You keep me enriched.
Arizona, your skies are one of a kind,
And as a result I quite possibly may never be the same,
Love Natalie.

Picturesque sunset, Paulden AZ.

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