Proof of Existence

In This Existence

We know what we are for and how we became so informed. Bodies of info performing such miracles. I am a miracle made up of particles. And in this existence. I’ll stay persistent. And I’ll make a difference. And I will have lived it.

Nahko and the Medicine People

It has been two months since I left Australia for the USA. I left with the aim to create what ideas I had in my head into my reality, and so far I have done myself proud.

Though it most definitely would not have been possible without some of the incredible human beings I have met along the way.

Yes, it has only been two months but I already feel more humble, excited, rejuvenated and inspired than ever before.

Every day is different and holds obstacles, just like it does for everyone in this world.

But I am grateful for each obstacle, each setback, and each glistening moment is it good or bad or in between. I am so thankful for what I am experiencing, who I am meeting and what I am seeing. This video is a short film, a glimpse at what I have encountered since I touched down in the USA, and made my way hitchhiking through 5 states, and finally giving into public transportation as I enter into Mexico.
What is to come? I have no idea, and I love that. Money is just an object, an obstacle. I will continue on learning through self-experience and gaining knowledge from each person I meet. I would like to thank all you insane beings that have made this trip so far completely surreal and mesmerizing.

Hope you like the video!
Adios for now from Mexico!

PS. I am no filmmaker, and the laptop I am using may as well be a pile of rocks so excuse the editing!
PPS. I cannot figure out how to post the youtube video directly on this post, so below is a link to the video.

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. – Meister Eckhart

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