Traveling Cross Country

A Cross Country Change

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. Joseph Campbell

On the 21st of last September, the day after my 22nd birthday, I was sitting at my couch surfers home in Austin, Texas. Hung over and hurting I had not much hope of accomplishing much that day besides feeling sorry for myself differing with an overwhelming feeling of complete and utter happiness and contentedness.

I still remember pulling out my leather journal, turning the pages to my next blank canvas and finding the words to create what feelings I had in hopes of one day, re-reading them, and remembering, if not (hopefully) still living those words.

A few days ago, I found that page, amongst others, lingering through my fingertips, the words awaiting me, like I knew they would, that feeling still lingers, and that means, that last September, above every thing else, I knew that the moment I experienced the other day was only yet to come.

I wrote about timing. About serendipitous moments. I wrote about the things that can happen when you learn to trust in your decisions, and you take the plunge to get to where you need to be.

Today, I am where I need to be, and today I will write again about what that can be like for us all. To be right where you need to be.

So for those of you who dont know, in one of my last blog posts I wrote about a flight I was suppose to get on to fly me across the country to Western Australia (from Sydney). I ever so reluctantly missed my flight for confusion flooded my mind of who I was, what I was doing with my life, and who I needed to surround myself with.

A week later I realised that who I was, continues to be created every day, what I am doing with my life is nothing of the typical, certain type, and who I needed to surround myself with is people who would help me in creating that person that is evolving every day, and more than anyone else, I needed to surround myself with well me.

My flight may have been missed but in this day and age, you come to realise that missed flights are irrelevant and not fun to dwell on and a new flight, is still as thrilling and experimental as ever.

I packed my backpack once more, I bid farewell to those I loved, and I once again set off for a new adventure. This time the adventure led me to a shiny new state in my OWN country. Something I had dreamed of doing for a while, and something that I believe, we should all experience. To better understand our own land, our own heritage, and for like any other reason we travel and move around, to experience the unknown.

We all want to fly to Asia and try living in Northern Thailand teaching English, or try a semester abroad in the US, maybe a summer in France or a snow season in Canada. But so many off us never really stop to consider that maybe our own country could fill that void of excitement and wanderlust we crave so much, that our new adventure, could be to stay.

If there is one thing I am good at, it is timing. I might miss a flight here, change directions there, but my timing is a damn thing of beauty.

Since arriving in WA and settling myself down for the coming winter months in the beautiful south-west of Margaret River, life could in no way be better (except maybe if I could score a full time job). For whatever reason, I could feel that universal pull, grasping at me, whispering in my ear, plain as day and clear as night, and I listened, and what extravagantly wonderful things have happened from listening to my intuition, to trusting in my decisions.

Prevelly Beach, WA

Here are some reasons why moving cross country will be the best decision you ever made;

  • A fresh start is always encouraged Whether your stuck in a dead end job, your lost in the world (or maybe your just lost in your own head), youve gone through a bad break-up, or youve just had enough of your routine, a fresh start is a way to kindly state out with the old and in with the new. But fresh starts dont just have to something that comes to one in a negative situation. They can come at any time in our lives, when we need them, for you as your singular self, or perhaps with your significant other, a best friend, or your whole family.
  • A thrilling adventure For travellers who have returned home, life can quickly become dull. Youve just come back from this ultra magnificent trip of a lifetime. Youve had an excruciatingly awesome experience in the middle of the desert in Central America involving Ayahuasca and discovered the meaning of life, then you continued to Spain and walked the Road to Santiago, alone yet never so compelled and driven. Now your back to reality, to real life. Your parents are still with the, So now youve seen the world are you FINALLY ready to settle down and study?, and your friends, though they mean well, somehow just dont get your new spiritually awakened self. The only thing left for you at your home town is your old room and home cooked meals from your mum whilst this is probably one of the most comforting, lovely things after a long voyage, youll soon start to crave the next adventure. The next adventure is a new place, in your home country. And, you know as well as the next person, that after that venture is through, your mum will still be waiting at home to cook you your favourite childhood dish, with arms open and loads of love.
  • You get to create your identity For me, one of the hardest things to go back to back home, is that 16 year old stigma that lingers on all those I grew up around. Although you and those around you have evolved, there is still that younger version of yourself that people you grew up around connect you with. They still see you as that young girl or guy walking the streets of your home town looking for trouble. There is something so unsettling about this, that over the years has time and time again thrown my emotions for a loop. People dont mean to do it, but sometimes you will pick up on a comment that makes you want to scream. This can be especially apparent with parents. When you move to another part of the country you get to leave that stigma behind. You get to be you, in every true essence of yourself.
  • Youll have more time for yourself This is a no-brainer. You move to a new place, you slowly ease into new acquaintances, new friends. This leaves you with time to yourself, to refuel, get in touch with your new surroundings, and maybe even discover or rekindle a past love for something you use to have no time for.
  • New areas to explore For me, moving across from the East coast of Australia to the West is a huge cultural difference. Australia is SO vast and extravagant. Each city, each town, each forest different to the next. Being in Margaret River has so far allowed me to rekindle my love of nature. And because I am new to the area, I have find myself so much more inclined to go out there and discover it all. I know I can do this in Sydney as well, but moving to a new area is moving to a new playground The world is quite literally your oyster.
  • Job prospects broaden Never thought youd be cleaning houses to get by? Working as a volunteer instead of paying rent? Creating your own business to support yourself? Well now is the time to try it out! And why not, you left your old job, (or maybe you got a transfer!) and now you have endless possibilities of ways to support yourself!
  • Youll be the new girl/guy Its fun. Especially in small towns or areas you stay prompt in. No one knows who you are or where you came from, your a mystery!
  • You never know what could be waiting for you on the other side Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side! But youll never know unless you try right? You will never see what wonderful things awaits your arrival unless you go right ahead and do it, and when you do, youll be surprised (I know I was) at what you have opened yourself up too.

So that is my top pointers of reasons to get out of your comfort zone without crossing oceans or at least to many oceans.

Theres a whole world of opportunities out there, I advise you grab hold of them.

You might think its a mistake, but it could just be the best mistake of your life.

And if its not a potential mistake, well then, it may just be the best decision you ever did make.

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