Changing Continents

Woah. SO much has happened in the past 10 days I dont even know where to start.

Well to start off with, I am in England. Yes, thats right, I found the courage to leave my favorite place in the world, to venture on to new and greater heights.

Leaving the USA (or should I say leaving San Francisco) was such a huge deal for me. I never seem to have enough time in that country, and once I had re-entered in from Mexico on my EU passport instead of my Australian passport I gained three more months in the USA.

I was so happy to see that little stamp underlining Valid until 21st January 2015. This was a dream come true for me had I not already booked flights from San Francisco to New York, New York to London, I would still be in California right now.

I was rather sad leaving behind San Francisco once again, but I have come to realize that San Francisco is a base for me, my home base. I know I can return whenever my heart desires and I will have so many wonderful people waiting for me, arms and hearts open.

My first night in London with Georgie

So early one Tuesday morning I woke up in the Mission District one last time, and got the Bart to the airport where I got my flight to NY.

I spent two days in NY, I stayed with an old friend from Sydney who has been living in Greenpoint Brooklyn an attending NYU.

Those couple days I just hung around Brooklyn, didnt even bother going into Manhattan, to me Brooklyn takes the cake on the boroughs and there is honestly just no where else I would rather be when visiting New York, besides maybe the lower east side.

It was so nice to see an old friend, hang out with her and discuss our lives as travelers. It made me super excited to get to London where I had two of my closest friends completely unaware of the fact that I was about to rock up on there doorstep.

It has been as long as 3 years that I had seen them, they moved to London in the middle of me living in the USA and so when I went back to Australia last year, they were not there.

I arrived in London around 10am. I went straight to meet up with a good friend from Sydney, Chloe, who was talking with Georgie one of my friends that I was surprising, planning to meet up with her once Georgie had finished work so they could have a drink (but really so I could just jump on Georgie). We walked to Georgies work, I run in and she looks up and sees me and her jaw just drops. She is so shocked, for a minute she said nothing. I honestly dont think I have EVER seen Georgie speechless, it was a wonderful moment.

After we calm down we go walking around the area and find a pub to go sit in, there was a lot to catch up on so we spent the afternoon talking about our travels and discussing how I was going to surprise our other friend Krystel.

Krystel was working a double until 1am, that night at the apartment we waited up till around 1:30 AM, I hadnt slept in over 30 hours by this point and could not keep my eyes open much longer.

We go to bed, and at around 5 AM I wake up to the door slamming and Georgie telling me that thats Krystel getting home.
I run to her room and sit on her bed, she is in the bathroom. I wait for her to come out.

She opens the door and walks out and I great her with a, Hello stranger!.
She starts to scream and yell and oh my goodness I will never forget her face, I had not seen this girl in 3 years, we use to be SO close, before I left for the USA we were living together. I honestly cannot believe we had gone this long without seeing each other.
It was so amazingly nice to see her.

Me and Krystel in London

Sometimes I think about my life, what it is, what Im doing, seeing, being and I literally cannot believe it.

I am so so lucky to be living this amazing life, going to these incredible places and being with a vast range of magical people.

Last night as I was standing in the O2 Arena in London, listening to my favorite song by my favorite band, The National, with one my best friends I found myself almost in tears, I have such an astounding life.

My almost week in London has been mesmerizing, I was so scared to leave California, leave San Francisco, thinking that coming to a new city to try and start a life would just be silly, no city could compare to SF. And no city can! However, all cities are different and you will never know if you will like them or hate them or have neutral feelings for them unless you go to them and discover them.

In less then a week I have found a place to live, numerous job opportunities and made new friends as well as connected with old ones. I am down to my last $500, probably even less now, and I am about to partake on a months journey around Ireland, France and Germany, Wwoofng and exploring, but I am not worried in the slightest.

In January i come back to my apartment and finding work will be so easy. I will be coming back to spend time with people from home before they partake on their new ventures.

The National @ the O2 Arena, London

Saturday I leave for Ireland to visit a few friends there and listen to the Irish speak with their beautiful accents whilst I drink beer. After Ireland I fly to France for 10 days to Wwoof in the middle of Paris, then I will get a ride from Paris to Berlin to stay for Christmas and NYE with another friend.

The ventures just keep on coming!

A rooftop bar in London and a painted wall in Shoreditch, London.

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