Arizona Canyons

Arizona, We Finally Meet

What an adventure the past three days has been.

Early Saturday morning I woke up ready for the next part of my journey to begin. I was ready to start Wwoofing.

I had organized to hitch a ride with my friend Toni, who was heading back down to Claremont near Los Angeles to return to her school, as Toni’s summer was ending mine is just beginning.

We drove down highway 101, time went quickly as it always done when you have someone to talk with.

When we arrived in Claremont, we drove into Toni’s new share house and were greeted by her new roommates. We spent the night chatting and running around her campus watching the freshmen enjoy their orientation week. A band was playing in part of the school’s outdoor area and teens were surrounding us.
I spent the next morning with Toni and her friends, trying to decipher whether I should be on my way and start hitching that day towards Arizona or stay an extra night in Claremont. After careful consideration and in hopes of getting a ride with someone I had contacted through craigslist, I decided to head off that afternoon to Las Vegas.

I figured I may as well see what all the fuss was about considering I was so close.

I had contacted a girl named Rachel who was in Las Vegas for Labor day weekend. Rachel had promised me a ride to Arizona the following morning for a super cheap price I could not resist.

Toni left me on the side of the road at the entrance of the freeway, with a flimsy piece of people that read Vegas with a smiley face, so I could hitch into Nevada.

First 30 minutes into standing in Californias very bare able heat, a man named Bruce picked me up. He was going as far as Barstow, which would get me two hours out of Nevadas famous bright lighted city.

Bruce was an excellent human, born and raised in California, had a thing for old cars, and has been a mechanic since he was 20 years old. At the ripe age of 22, Bruce started driving trucks across the country as a way to earn a living, but also see further than California. He covered 48 states in his few years working as a truck driver.

When I arrived in Barstow I was let out at the gas and food station, literally in the middle of the desert. Bruce dropped me off at the ramp that would connect me back onto the right highway towards Vegas.

Five minutes into standing in the desert’s heat, two cars stopped at the same time to pick me up. I ran to the first car, inside was a lovely middle-aged woman called Rochelle, her car was filled to the brim with her belongings as she was moving to Las Vegas. She said if I didn’t mind squeezing she would take me to Las Vegas.

It was now only a matter of time before I would arrive and I realized I had no arrangements made. I had no idea how big the city was, where I could crash for the night, and where this Rachel was going to pick me up from the next morning to continue to Arizona.
I received a text from Rachel asking where I was staying in Vegas and what my plans were, I replied with Oh I don’t have any plans I was just going to try and figure it out when I am there. Rachel responded informing me a former friend of hers had dropped out of the trip last minute and there was a bed available in her hotel room with her and her two other friends. I replied thanking her for the offer but I was really in no place to stay at a hotel in Vegas, I travel cheap and my bank account just wouldn’t allow it. She responded telling me not to worry, I could come stay with them free of charge. (Again with these amazing people I meet constantly humbling me and creating such wonderful opportunities for me).

I arrived in Las Vegas a little after 6 pm, thanked Rochelle for the ride and was on my way to find this hotel. I met Rachel down in the lobby, to my gratitude, Rachel was, in fact, a 22-year-old girl, just like craigslist had specified (craigslist isn’t always right). We went upstairs and I met Rachels, two other friends. We talked and drank and headed into Las Vegas. The start of a beautiful friendship!

This morning we woke up, checked out and I and Rachel were on our way. I must take note on how extravagant the scenery is traveling through Arizona’s highways. My Lord, no photo could ever do it justice. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. Desert amongst mountains, amongst water, amongst cacti and wildflowers. As we were driving through it I silently thanked myself for deciding to travel by automobile through the country.

Rachel lives in Tucson, Arizona, further ways down from the farm I was staying at. Regardless of this Rachel went out of her way to drop me off to the front door of the farm. And when I say out of her way, I mean, through mud and dirt, wrong turns until they right turned out her way.

The Dharma living room wall inspiration.

The sunset from the kitchen window.

And I finally arrived! The Dharma Farmily. I was greeted by Holly and Sarah, the two founders of the farm. Holly and Sarah have created an amazing surroundings for themselves, their mission is to Promote sustainability and positive relations with the Earth through education and experience.

That is exactly what they are doing, this farm is filled with special people contributing to their world every day to work towards an incredible tomorrow and amazing life style. They have built everything themselves here, there is a  food dehydrator right outside my window, which Holly built herself, they have created their own rooms in a barn out the back, as well as an earth ship thats in progress in the field. There are so many delicious vegetables being harvested and sunflowers as tall as me everywhere. The farm also has a bee hive, they have not started pollinating yet, they are new to the farm and are currently just doing their thing in their little bee cave. Upon arrival I received some home-made kombucha from Sarah, and Holly was making her own (incredibly tasty, out of this world) poppy seed and lemon granola.

Each person I am joined with here are amazing souls, Holly has a 17 year old daughter, Katie, who lives here, Sarahs mother is visiting after coming out of hospital for a hip replacement, and the other Wwoofer, Dorian is a blossoming 21 year old flower herself.

This afternoon I helped with some weeding and collecting the dehydrated vegetables and fruits.

Fields of love, Paulden, AZ.

This farm is in rural Arizona, amongst the high desert. The sunset I experienced this afternoon was probably the most dazzling impeccable sunset I have ever seen. Tonight when I and another Woofer were by the fire, switching between conversing and listening to the beautiful silence, I looked up to the night sky and was in absolute awe. I have never seen stars shine so bright or the moon glow so harmoniously down onto the earth. It was truly magical.

I cannot wait to see what this week holds, I am very excited to spend time with The Dharma Family and learn all they have to teach.

We will see what tomorrow brings, but utter happiness seems to be inevitable.

Arizona has already taken a part of my soul.

Magical Sunset at the Dharma Farm.

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