Finding Mayhem

1 Way to Mahem

“There was no where to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” -Jack Kerouac

I had been waiting a long time for this. I spent the past 14 months hoping for the day that I would get on that plane, look down over Sydney and smile to myself as I said goodbye to the city I grew up in, and said hello to the city I belong in.

The morning of August 10th was the day I had been waiting for. Bag packed, passport at the ready, my mind was already on California time.
The series of events to happen of this morning was NOT how I had planned it to go. I received a phone call from my friend Olivia in the early morning. She had tried to check into our flight online and was calling to inform me that our flight to San Francisco had somehow been delayed by two whole days. I laughed at her a while, and she calmly continued speaking on the phone to me assuring me this was no joke and that our airlines and travel agents had somehow forgotten to inform us of this dilemma.

I was heartbroken, I didn’t want to wait two days! I wanted to be on that plane pronto! I had a friend picking me up from the airport and people to surprise in San Francisco!

After calling the airline and expressing our disgrace, we took the bullet and went on with our day. I used the day to mess around with friends I had already said goodbye to and that thought I would have already left for the airport. Running into their homes frantically yelling HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PASSPORT? I CANNOT FIND IT AND MY FLIGHT LEAVES IN AN HOUR.

At around 3:30pm Olivia calls me back and states that our travel agent called and has gotten us on a flight tonight departing Sydney at 9:45pm. I jumped up and rushed to Olivia’s house so we could be on our way.

After hearing our names get called out for the last boarding call over the speaker in Sydney International Airport we were finally sitting on the plane, on our way to the USA. After a 3 hour stop over in Honolulu and contemplating whether we should continue on to California or stay in Hawaii’s lovely heat, we touched down in San Francisco.
I was ecstatic. Leaving SFO and entering a cab that drove us into the city to Olivia’s hostel (I had planned to stay with old friends so as to save money) I couldn’t wipe the silly grin off my face.

I knew from the moment I stepped out of that cab into the cities cool evening fog, full moon glaring down at me, that it was not just all in my head like I had wondered about the past year. This city I loved so much really was as incredibly erratic and as mystically magical as I had remembered, and I was finally here again. A place where I knew I could be exactly who I want to be and where your possibilities are never numbered or out of reach.

I was home.

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